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Common Questions About Water and Water Filters

How Clean Is My Water?

Public water treatment systems are designed to remove or reduce a wide range of contaminants from the water, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, sediment, and chemicals. However, some contaminants are not removed, and some are allowed in specific levels by the treatment process, including lead, copper, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, nitrates and more.

What kind of problems do contaminates cause?

According to the EPA "If drinking water contains unsafe levels of contaminants, it can cause health effects, such as gastrointestinal illnesses, nervous system or reproductive effects, and chronic diseases such as cancer."

How can I know if my water is clean?

Each municipality in the United States publishes a water quality report. Most reports are lovely brochure like documents and can be downloaded from your local water government office. These reports feature the levels of allowable contaminates according to the EPA. In order to know if you have contaminates in your water, you should have it tested by an independent lab like or (We are not affiliated with either testing company.)

We had a BOIL WATER notice - what does that mean?

According to the CDC: "If your local health officials issue a boil water advisory, you should use bottled water or boil tap water. This is because a boil water advisory means your community’s water has, or could have, germs that can make you sick."
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